I’m a TI Analyst at Federal University of Juiz de Fora. Also, I am working as researcher/colaborator at Linguistics Graduate Program at the same institution.

The research program at FrameNet Brasil Lab, led by prof. Tiago Torrent, has as focus NLU (Natural Language Understanding) processes, joining linguistic knowledge, theories and studies from Cognitive Linguistics, Frame Semantics and Construction Grammar to NLP and Machine Learning implementations. The main goal is to develop computational applications like eletronic dictonaries, recommendation systems, chatbots, machine translation, etc.

My post-doctoral studies were carried out at Gothemburg University (Sweden), about cross-linguistic comparisons of grammatical constructions, using comparative concepts. I got Ph.D. in Linguistics at UFJF under advisement from prof. Margarida Salomão, implementing an algorithm of lexical units disambiguation based on Frame Semantics and Generative Lexicon theories. For my Master degree dissertation at Computational Modeling, also from UFJF, I defined an OWL ontology to model process related to electrophysiology of cardiac cells.

Lattes CV

Contact: ely.matos‌@gmail.com

Research areas

Frame Semantics
Construction Grammar
Natural Language Understanding
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning

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Besides academic research I’m also a Spiritism student and a lazy reader of Haikais.